Astrology with Cumulus

Astrology to help empower your energies. Cumulus is an astrologer, card reader, artist, and intuitive, delivering the energetic weather for over 15 years. Scroll down for more information and most recent astrology updates. Or if you’re ready for a new reading now, just click the button here to order. If you enjoy the free public videos & updates, please consider supporting them on Patreon!

Listen to your personal reading that will detail ways to work with your upcoming energies or to decode your birth chart’s unique pathways and potentials.

See the energy each day with the most detailed and visually intuitive astrology calendar on the Astro-web, a valuable tool for planning with the planets.

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About Cumulus

I’m a professional astrologer, card reader, and intuitive, delivering the energetic weather now for almost 20 years. In addition to personal sessions, I’ve taught classes and hosted workshops on how to work with your planets. I’m so grateful and fulfilled to receive positive feedback from clients in a wide variety of locations and experiences around the world. Other than star gazing, things like practicing yoga, exploring new vegan recipes, playing with cats, and caring for plants are some of my other areas of excitement. I’m also an artist and energetic tool maker. Connect with me on your favorite social media outlet for regular updates!

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